Chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical sector: air pollutant abatement systems

Technologies for the extraction, conveying and abatement of VOC and dust

Fume abatement in the pharmaceutical chemical sector
Chemical pharmaceutical
Main activities:
Explosive powders

The chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors include numerous companies that transform organic and inorganic raw materials into medicine and chemical products. The processes performed in these sectors involve the emission of pollutants harmful to the environment and to operators, for this reason they must be extracted and treated using special abatement technologies.

VOC, dust and fume abatement in the chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical sector

Companies operating in the chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical sector make different types of products: from the most common ones we use in our daily lives (detergents, cosmetics, soaps, fertilisers, medicine and the like) to intermediate substances used in other industrial sectors (inorganic compounds, plastics, dyes, adhesives, sealants and much more).

Considering the variety of products that are manufactured in these industrial sectors, it is easy to understand that the production processes used are multiple and involve the emission of harmful pollutants. The main ones are:

  • dusts that disperses in the environment during weighing, mixing, infusing and similar operations;
  • VOC emerging from reactor vents during controlled and uncontrolled chemical reactions.

The workers in this sector also have high contact with chemical substances, excipients and active ingredients that easily penetrate the human body causing possible health risks. It is therefore essential to have high-performance captation and extraction systems to drastically reduce this risk.
With regard to the environmental aspect, the abatement system must be designed and implemented carefully as there may be critical aspects for the materials to be used and relevant plant engineering aspects.

These include the presence of potentially explosive atmospheres. In fact, among the ingredients used and handled there may be volatile combustible powders or liquids that, in certain situations, can create explosive phenomena.
Here are some examples of abatement systems designed and built by Tecnosida® to solve the most typical and widespread problems in this sector!

VOC ATEX abatement systems from reactor loading

Companies operating in the pharmaceutical sector deal with research, production and sale of medicine for human and animal use.
Reactors are used for the production of medicines: containers specifically designed to safely cause chemical reactions among the substances present. Particular attention must be paid to the collection and extraction systems connected with the loading and unloading of reactors, which cause the release of dangerous and potentially explosive substances (dust and VOC). These substances must be treated using appropriate technologies.

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Abatement of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from bicarbonate of soda production in the chemical sector

Bicarbonate of soda is a substance present in nature in water and, rarely, as a mineral. It can be reproduced in the laboratory thanks to a sodium chloride solution in which ammonia and carbon dioxide are passed.
The production and processing of bicarbonate leads to the emission of VOC that must be treated through special wet scrubbing systems.
Tecnosida® has successfully applied the wet scrubber to solve this problem.

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Abatement of fine dust from insecticide and herbicide production lines

Insecticides and herbicides are chemicals widely used in agriculture and in the home.
Both these products are made with chemicals (sulphur compounds, chlorinated substances, synthetic compounds…) that are combined through special machinery called mixers.
The process of synthesis and union of these substances involves the emission of dust, including explosive dust, which must be collected and treated through appropriate abatement systems suitable for use in potentially explosive areas (ATEX).

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Fume abatement from detergent production in the chemical sector

As we have seen, the activities carried out by companies operating in the chemical sector also include the production of detergents and cleaning products.
Although it is hard to imagine, this specific production involves the emission of different types of pollutants, such as: phosphoric and nitric acid, gases, volatile organic compounds (VOC), vapours containing traces of chlorine, but also perfumes and odours.

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Emission of dust and solvents from chemical agents

Until now, we have analysed some of the most common problems in companies that produce finished products. However, the chemical sector also includes numerous companies involved in the production of chemical intermediates and compounds (surfactants, sealants, polyurethanes, adhesives and the like) used in various industrial sectors.
The production of so many varieties of products involves the presence of mixing, washing and loading areas and much more. These activities cause the emission of various types of pollutants, mainly solvents and dust of an explosive nature, which must be extracted and treated through special multi-stage abatement systems.

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Air pollution reduction in the chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical sector

In the previous paragraphs, we presented a general and in no way exhaustive overview of the chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical sector and the pollutants emitted by the companies operating there.
As we have seen, the work carried out by these companies involves the emission of different types of pollutants that can be harmful to the environment and to operators.
To reduce emissions, companies must rely on specialists who can design and build special systems for the extraction, conveying and abatement of air pollutants.

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