ATEX bag filters for explosive dust – DUSTdown® ATEX

Self-cleaning filters for combustible dust  – Potentially explosive applications

DUSTdown®  ATEX dust collectors

Dustdown® ATEX is a very high efficiency self-cleaning mechanical filter, equipped with an automatic on-line cleaning system with a Reverse Jet of compressed air. Dustdown® was designed by Tecnosida® to address the specific problems associated with treating emissions potentially explosive that are subject to the 2014/34/EU directive.

DUSTdown® ATEX is an extremely high-efficiency, self-cleaning filter equipped with an online automatic cleaning system, which uses compressed air jets in Reverse Jet mode. This filter has been designed by Tecnosida® to face the specific problems related to the treatment of emissions deriving from potentially explosive atmospheres and which are subject to the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.

DUSTdown® ATEX bag filters: operation

The inlet of the air to be treated is located in the upper part of the dust collector; the air is conveyed into the filter by means of a suction system. It passes through a pre-abatement chamber to allow the coarser dust to precipitate, thus protecting the filtering bags from excessive dust loads. Then the flow reaches the filtering surface and passes through it; the result is the suspended particulate separation. Dust is retained on the outside of the bags and it is then precipitated into the lower part of the filter where the hopper conveys (or the hoppers convey) it to the collection (or transport) systems. In this case the hopper must have an angle which is greater than the friction angle of the collected pollutant, in order to avoid material deposits.
The filtering surface consists of bags made up of different antistatic materials suitable for use in potentially explosive areas and they are kept perfectly efficient thanks to automatic reverse jet cleaning cycles. These are managed on the basis of the pressure drop reading so as to ensure a limited consumption of compressed air and a longer lifetime of the bags.

DUSTdown® ATEX bag filters: structural characteristics

The DUSTdown® ATEX filter has a sealing structure made up of reinforced material which is able to withstand high pressure resulting from possible explosions. Moreover, the junction flanges are equipped with bondings that ensure equipotential continuity.
According to the classification of the area of use, the filter is equipped with different components specially sized for their use in potentially explosive atmospheres.

DUSTdown®  ATEX: components

The main components of the ATEX filter are:

  • Non-return valve = placed on the inlet pipe to prevent the explosion from spreading inside the suction line;
  • Breakage panel = its function is discharging the pressure deriving from the explosion and protecting the filter structure and the surrounding environment;
  • Star valves or exhaust screws with a high level of protection in accordance with ATEX;
  • Explosion-proof differential pressure switch for hose clogging detection
Safety panels

DUSTdown® ATEX bag filters: technology application

Over the years, we have manufactured bag filters for the filtration of explosive dust in various contexts. They include:

DUSTdown® ATEX: maintenance service

Tecnosida® also plans regular ordinary and extraordinary maintenance which is carried out by qualified personnel specially trained to work in potentially explosive atmospheres. This service is essential for the DUSTdown® ATEX filter, as it reduces the risk of explosion and ensures:

  • proper functioning of all the filter components;
  • high pollutant filtration efficiency;
  • waste reduction (both in economic and energy terms).

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