Filtration Systems Application Sectors

Discover the production processes where we apply our systems

Food production industry

Food production industry

Food and pet food production industry: pollutant abatement systems of the air

Fumes abatement from biomass power plants

Biomass & Renewables

Biomass stations: polluting products and river treatment systems

Fume abatement in the pharmaceutical chemical sector

Chemical pharmaceutical

Chemical and chemical-pharmaceutical sector: air pollutant abatement systems

Pollutant abatement plants in the plastic rubber sector

Rubber and plastic

Rubber and plastic sector: treatment systems for pollutants emitted

Fumes and air pollutant abatement systems for the metalworking sector

Production and machining of metals

Production and machining of metals: emitted pollutants and abatement systems

Abatement of air pollutants in the painting sector

Painting and coating

Reduction of atmospheric pollution in the painting and coating sector