Tecnosida: meet the company and our team

Mission, history and quality

The company

Tecnosida, for more than 40 years, has been designing, projecting and realizing technological plants for air pollution control among a wide range of industrial applications, both in Italy and abroad. With its first-class expertise and know how, after thousands of successful installations for customers of any dimension, from SME to multinational corporations, Tecnosida is active in the following fields:

  • chemicals, paints, polymers, plastics, rubbers
  • tobacco
  • food and food processing
  • paper, leather and textiles
  • mechanical and metal machining
  • foundry
  • renewable energy
  • waste and recycling

Tecnosida is a perfect partner for companies that sell machines, production lines and industrial plants in Italy and abroad. In order to allow them to put forward turn-key solutions, Tecnosida can design tailor-made products to remove air pollutants eventually created in the process.


Mission Statement and company targets

“Research, innovation and quality are the keys for a consistent leadership in the markets competition”

  • Accuracy of the technical due-diligence provided: in order to put forward sustainable and effective solutions that meet national and international standards.
  • Quality of project and design of any technical proposal provided: in order to grant our customers a complete reliability on our expertise
  • Quality of any plant built and installed: in order to ensure a consistent future value to our customers’ asset

Steps of our history

1979Tecnosida srl was estabilished thanks to the entrepreneurial efforts of Settimo Bidinotto and Giorgio Romellini

1981: New headquarters with larger dimensions to support production and engineering

1985 -1990Tecnosida develops solutions for vacuum cleaning in the fileld of automotive and railway

1990-2005: Tecnosida develops solutions for vacuum transport and air treatment for cigarettes production lines

1998: ISO9001 quality management system succesfully achieved

2008: New headquarters in Carate Brianza (Italy), with a photovoltaic plant. Tecnosida carbon footprint is dramaticaly reduced

2010-2011: Tecnosida developes a multicyclone separation technology called Turbovortex

2012: Alessio Romellini and Andrea Bidinotto, already working in the company since a long time, enter the company’s capital

2013: Tecnosida developes advanced wet system for fumes and dust control

2014: Tecnosida developes, in partnership, projects for biomass boilers emissions reduction

2017ISO 9001:2015 quality management system succesfully achieved

2020Partnership with AEROX for industrial odour control

Quality certification

Quality Certification

Tecnosida’s quality management system, compliant to the requirements of the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, is one of the tools used to achieve the following addresses:

  • Quality is a process that goes beyond ISO 9001. The company’s focus is on the reliability of the plants supplied.
  • Quality must be the key of Tecnosida’s leadership in domestic and international markets.
  • Investments in R&D are essential in order to correspond to customer’s evolving needs.
  • Achiving company’s targets can only be guaranteed by a shared commitment and the willingness to work as a team.

Tecnosida: awareness for a consistent and responsible professionalism.


Meet the team

Tecnosida has more than 40 years of experience in engineering & technology for industrial air treatment. We are a perfect blend of expertise and modern thinking. Meet our team: contact us and tell us the goals that we can help you to achieve!

Giorgio Romellini

Sales Manager

Alessio Romellini

Head of Customer Service

Linkedin/Alessio Romellini

Andrea Bidinotto

Technical Manager

Linkedin/Andrea Bidinotto

Settimo Bidinotto

Administration Manager

Linkedin/Settimo Bidinotto

work with us

Our partners

Tecnosida is developing and looking for partnerships both with technical and commercial focus in italy and abroad. With a clear target on growing valorizing a potential synergic expertise, we seek qualified partners working in complementary fileds and/or applications and/or in R&D and innovation projects.

 For any request, please, send your company profile and comment to: marketing@tecnosida.com 

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