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Turn-key aspiration and filtration systems for industry

Technical blog

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Discover the characteristics of this chemical species and the problems arising from its involuntary production

TAR, origin and behaviour

Discover more about this condensable species that are produced through combustion, gasification and pyrolysis of hydrocarbon-based fuels.

Industrial fans

The physical laws that underline fluid handling and the operation of fans


Discover more about one of the most unpleasant pollutants:odours!

Odors treatment

How is it possible to intervene to abate odorous molecules? Discover it with us!

Acid Gas – NOx, SOx, HCl

We focus on the issue of acid gases: aeriform substances with acid pH that are harmful, polluting and often corrosive

Rubber and plastic

Rubber and plastics industry is extremely branched. Discover with us the most common pollutants produced and the technologies to treat them!

Biomass & energy

The concept of biomass is very large and includes practically every fuel with not mineral and not fossil origin. Discover how to classify them!

Directive 94/9/EC ATEX

Directive for the regulation of equipment used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres

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