Our Services

From design to after-sales


Tecnosida® designs his plants focusing on customer needs. For this reason, system realization is preceded by a careful technical inspection to customer company. With this activity, we can offer the best technical solution and propose interesting inexpensive offers able to meet very different production needs.

Design, Construction and Installation

During the design stage, we pay close attention to produce efficient systems able to maintain this characteristics over time. Tecnosida® products are designed with extreme care for details and realized ad hoc on customer needs.  In this way, we can offer reliable plants able to protect the environment.

After design stage, Tecnosida® produces the single components of the plant. Structures are carried out in welded carpentry and painted in accordance with the specifications. Even at this stage, the most important thing for us is to make high quality product in compliance with customer needs.

After design and production stage, Tecnosida® takes care to deliver and to install the whole system. Installation is made on-site by specialized staff and without disturbing the production process.

Following these stages, customer has a turn-key plant well-running and suitable with his business needs.

After-Sales support services and Systems Maintenance

Tecnosida® also offers a service of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. This is very important to avoid a series of negative consequences for the production and other processes.

Firstly, with maintenance we can monitor plants operating condition, removing inefficiency and ensuring a high level of safety.

Secondly, a professional maintenance service, ensure a continuous monitoring of energy consumption and emissions. This two parameters have to comply with limits established by the laws so the maintenance is important to avoid sanctions. In addition to legal aspects, the maintenance service is essential to eliminate energy waste and to reduce operative costs.

For this reasons, Tecnosida® offers to its customers a professional maintenance service! Contact us for more information: we will plan with you this important activity!

Environmental Analysis

Environmental analyzes are required by laws, to verify that the client is in line with what is prescribed by the relevant bodies and above all, they are an easy way to also check the status of the efficiency of the related plant.

The verification of the flue gas treatment plant, however, must also be accompanied by energy check up in order to maintain the high standard the effectiveness and the efficiency of the treatment plant with minimum power consumption.

Tecnosida®, in addition to offering systems that comply with current regulations, performs stack samples, carries out analyzes and submits a complete report to the authorities. These arrangements are able to avoid possible sanctions and are able to identify any problems that can be solved with our maintenance service and energy check up.