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Industrial ventilation systems for potentially explosive atmosphere

ATEX systems: components and design

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 29/05/2019

Components and design for ATEX applications

Neutralizing system for bag filters in fumes treatment

Neutralizing system

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 05/07/2018

How does they work? Which benefits they imply? Check out our new article!

Temperature, turbulence and time: 3 Ts of VOCs combustion

Temperature, turbulence and time: 3 Ts of VOCs combustion

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 07/02/2018

Let's find the right mix for VOCs abatement  

VOC and VIC abatement: the scrubber!

VOC and VIC abatement: the scrubber!

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 30/03/2017

Let's discover more about VOC and VIC abatement analyzing the wet scrubbing machines (washing columns)

Oil mist: what are they? How to treat them?

Oil mist: nature and abatement

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 09/09/2016

 Read our article and discover with us the genesis of oil mist and the principle of coalescence

Bag Filters Vs Cartridges Filters

Bags vs. cartridges

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 26/10/2016

Bags filter or cartridges filter? What is the best technology?

Silica (SiO2) and silica powders

Silica (SiO2) and silica powders

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 16/01/2018

Find out with us the nature of this pollutant, its effects on health and how to treat it

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): filtration and abatement

VOCs - How to deal with them ?

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 11/07/2016

Analyze with us the best technologies designed for VOCs abatement!

Dust filtration - how does it works?

Dust filtration & collection

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 20/03/2017

Discover more about dust filtration and collection alternative technologies and their working principles

What is carbon monoxide (CO) ? Which are its industrial uses,  how it is produced?

Carbon monoxide (CO)

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 14/11/2016

Discover the characteristics of this chemical species and the problems arising from its involuntary production

What are TAR? How do they origin ?

TAR, origin and behaviour

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 13/09/2016

Discover more about this condensable species that are produced through combustion, gasification and pyrolysis of hydrocarbon-based fuels. 

VOC - Volatile organic compound - What are they?

VOC - Volatile organic compound - What are they?

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 01/07/2016

VOCs: nature, classes of compounds and environmental effects!

Industrial ventilation systems - technical choices

Industrial ventilation systems - operative choices

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 23/09/2016

What are the main physical quantities that operationally define a fan? How fans are chosen? Discover it with us!

ATEX  European Directive 2014/34/EU

ATEX 2014/34/EU

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 05/04/2018

Harmonization of the laws of the Member States

What is particulate? How does it origin? Which problems does it create?

Particulate: birth and effects

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 06/09/2016

Particulate: formation, effects and treatment!

Industrial ventilation and fans, physical principles

Industrial fans

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 21/09/2016

The physical laws that underline fluid handling and the operation of fans



Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 11/07/2016

Discover more about one of the most unpleasant pollutants:odours!

Odors - How to treat them

Odors treatment

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 21/07/2016

How is it possible to intervene to abate odorous molecules? Discover it with us!

Acid Gas - NOx, SOx, HCl

Acid Gas - NOx, SOx, HCl

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 26/06/2016

We focus on the issue of acid gases: aeriform substances with acid pH that are harmful, polluting and often corrosive

Powders: nature and treatment

Powders and emissions treatment

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 14/03/2016

Origin and physical-chemical characteristics of the dust!

Air  pollution management for  rubber, plastic and thermosets industrial production

Rubber and plastic

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 16/03/2016

Rubber and plastics industry is extremely branched. Discover with us the most common pollutants produced and the technologies to treat them!

Solid biomass, quality and energy density

Biomass & energy

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 14/03/2016

The concept of biomass is very large and includes practically every fuel with not mineral and not fossil origin. Discover how to classify them!

Solid biomass combustion plants and by-products

Solid Biomass combustion

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 24/01/2016

Combustion: general aspects and analysis of by-products  

General content of 94/9/EC European Directive

Directive 94/9/EC - ATEX

Author Tecnosida S.r.l. | Published 02/12/2015

Directive for the regulation of equipment used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres

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