Talcum powders abatement

Application in pillows and mattresses production lines

Production of sleeping solutions:

The company is the world leader in the production of a wide range of sleeping solutions, both in latex and in polyurethane.
The customer contacted us by requiring the design of an aspiration system able to collect and eliminate pollutants released during pillows and mattresses production.
In particular, the key phases of the process are:

  • Talc process;
  • Mould release spraying;
  • Opening of the molds.


Cell filter for talcum powders treatment:

After a site inspection, Tecnosida® put forward a technical offer for the realization of an aspiration system composed by a cell filter and two hoods for local suction.

The cell filter is compliant with the BAT of DGR/2913943-2003 and was designed to complete an existing suction system that wasn’t able to collect talcum powders.
Thanks to its strength, low pressure drops, high efficiency and low cost, our filter is able to cover our customers’ needs.
Our plant is supplemented by the realization of two hoods for local suction, able to abate pollutants before the release into the working environment.
The frontal hood is placed at the service of the robots used for mould release spraying, while the other one is designed to abate pollutants produced during the opening of the molds.
Thanks to this applications workers’ health is preserved because they don’t get in touch with pollutants.

Suction hood

Tecnosida®, thanks to its long experience in the field, has designed a complete plant able to capture pollutants at the source and then treat them inside the cell filter.
Tecnosida® realized the plant in compliance with current regulations and paying close attention to environmental protection. Atmospheric emissions comply with limits established by the italian legislative decree 152/2006.