Coalescing oil mist filter – OILSCREEN

Coalescing filter for separation and collection of airborne oil mists

Coalescing oil mist filters are used to treat and separate oil mists and emissions rich in emulsified oils. These filters are designed to remove oil droplets from air through coalescence: a process that combines oil particles creating larger drops, which can be easily removed by gravity.

What is the OILSCREEN coalescing oil mist filter?

The OILSCREEN coalescing filter is effective for removing oil mists, very fine particles dispersed in air and/or gas streams deriving from the use of emulsifying oils, lubricating oils, cooling oils, inks and tars. These pollutants typically result from production processes such as plastics and textile processes, asphalt production or mechanical processing by means of machine tools.

Oil mist filtering: operating principles

Oil mist is removed by coalescence: a physical phenomenon through which the drops of a liquid or a gaseous substance combine to create larger drops. Coalescing oil mist filter  uses this principle to facilitate the elimination of oil particles from the gaseous stream. Our coalescing filter is composed of a filtering surface promoting the contact of oily droplets dispersed in the intercepted air stream. This facilitates the spontaneous coalescence and consequently the particle aggregation.
When aggregated, these drops tend to fall by gravity towards the lower part of the filter where they are collected in a tank for disposal.

Oil mist collector for industry

The treated effluent, now free of oil mists, is sucked by the fan and released into the environment through the expulsion stack. To maximise the coalescing oil mist filter capacity, the treated oils should not have a high viscosity and the airflow should be dust free. Depending on other possible pollutants in the stream, the system can also require a pretreatment.

OILSCREEN coalescing filter: available models

Depending on the rate of the airflow to be treated, the OILSCREEN coalescing filter is available both in the movable (up to 6.000 mc) and in the fixed version.

OILSCREEN coalescing oil mist filter: advantages

The OILSCREEN coalescing filter:

  • is highly efficient (up to 99.99%);
  • allows oil recovery thanks to the tank located at the base of the filter;
  • keeps its features unchanged without degrading or deteriorating, even after thermal shocks (within certain limits);
  • does not require special maintenance or replacement of components;
  • allows the treatment of airflows up to a temperature of 80° C;
  • is a compact system;
  • is equipped with a heating system for thermostabilization;
  • has various degrees of external insulation, to avoid unwanted condensation of water vapour which can be present in the emissions to be treated.

OILSCREEN coalescing oil mist filter: technology application

Over the years we have manufactured coalescing filters for the separation of oil mists and fumes in different contexts, including:

Coalescing oil mist filter: available options

  • Manual rotation crane to lift and extract the internal filter components;
  • Stainless steel structure

OILSCREEN coalescing oil mist filter: maintenance service

Tecnosida® also plans periodic ordinary and extraordinary maintenance operations to verify the structure of the system. This service is carried out by qualified personnel and it ensures:

  • proper functioning of the filter;
  • high efficiency in separating oil mists;
  • waste reduction (both in economic and energy terms)