Turn-key aspiration, filtration and abatement systems for industry

Since 1979 we design and manufacture tailor-made air pollution control equipments against:
dust, VOC, fumes, oil mist and odors emitted from industrial processes.
Tecnosida®, the air pollution control experts!


Select the pollutant and discover the technologies to treat it


From site inspection to maintenance, we provide your company with a comprehensive service

Technical inspection

Carried out by qualified staff to verify existing conditions and client’s needs


System development based on data collected and data provided by the client


Production and assembly in the workshop of the system and its components


Performed by qualified internal staff in compliance with safety regulations


System commissioning carried out by our experienced and adequately trained technicians


Service performed to verify the functionality of the system and ensure its efficiency


A selection of the best systems realized by us over the years

Activated carbon filter for VOCs

How to reduce air pollution from pharmaceutical industry

Design and installation of three ATEX plants for the treatment of Volatile Organics Compounds in the pharmaceutical industry

Explosive dust aspiration and filtration systems in metallurgical sector

Explosive dust aspiration and filtration systems in metallurgical sector

Presentation of three realizations in metal working

Mill scale removal: a technological system

Mill scale removal: a technological system

A cleaning system applied to steel pipe production lines

Styrene vapor abatement plant

Oil mist filtration and VOC purification system

Emissions treatment in packaging and printing sector

Industrial aspiration systems

Industrial aspiration systems

Design and construction of customized hoods

Filtration of fumes and dust from biomass combustion

Fumes and dust control in biomass combustion

Custom design for cyclones and high temperature bag filter

ATEX plant for VOC treatment in the paint production sector

ATEX systems for powders and VOCs treatment in paint production sector

Dedusting with self-cleaning bag filter and VOCs abatement with activated carbon filter

Inertization system

Aspiration and dust filtration systems in plastic and rubber production lines

Presentation of three realizations in elastomers and compounds production

Heating and air filtration equipments for insulated panels production

Heating and air filtration equipments for insulated panels production

Application: foamed panels production process

Tecnosida - Technological plants for air pollution control

Multi-stage, atex compliant turn-key systems for dust filtration – VOC abatement

How we made it and what we used: two important challanges to solve big customer’s needs in #chemicals, #adhesives and #cosmetics production

Talcum powders abatement

Talcum powders abatement

Application in pillows and mattresses production lines


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