ROTARY SEPARATOR | Industrial applications

Technology for sorting and collecting long fibers, paper, aggregates, metal & plastic scraps

Rotary separator

Our rotary separator is a dynamic mechanical filter that is mainly used when long fibers, aggregates and plastics or metals scraps are present in the airflow to be treated. With appropriate modifications, it can also be used as a dust collector.

Rotary separator for fibers: How does it work?

The core of the product is a rotary drum, that is designed by Tecnosida® on the basis of the scraps to be separated.
The airflow to be treated enters the top of the filter where the rotary drum is located. Through a proper design and a calibrated rotational movement, it provides a complete separation of the scraps and collect them in tailored bins.
The drum is triggered by a gear motor that allows the rotary motion of the same, thus ensuring a continuous separation of the fibers. It is also equipped with an external grid that, by preventing the input of the lints inside, ensuring excellent separation efficiency. The air, devoid of fibers and filaments, enters the rotary separator and then is conveyed to a subsequent filtration process.

Rotary Separator

Dust rotary separator: how does it work?

The rotary separator, with appropriate adaptations, can also be used as a dust collector. In this case, a specific filter mat is fixed around the rotary drum to hold the airborne particulates. In this application, the rotary drum is also equipped with a self-cleaning system that can remove the powders deposited on it, thus allowing continuous functioning. This system provides a great advantage to companies that use it because it allows the treatment of large air flows with reduced investment.

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Strenghts of the Rotary Separator

  • can separate and collect fibers and aggregates of many different materials and dimensions. The collected material can be recycled;
  • act as a pre-filter, in order to protect next filtering stages (e.g. bag filter);
  • can be customized and designed to fit with the specific scraps and piping that characterize your production process;
  • can be designed with an inspection hatch and a hopper;
  • protect the health of operators.
Rotary separator drum

Rotary separator: available options

  • differential pressure switch;
  • self-cleaning system for the rotary drum.

Rotary separator: maintenance service

Tecnosida® is a perfect partner for planning and execution of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services required to :

  • Verify separator’s proper functioning
  • Keep high filtration efficiency
  • Reduce economic and energetic wastes
  • Comply with safety and environmental rules and regulations

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