DEODORY | Deodorization and local odors treatment

Deodorization equipment

What is DEODORY for unpleasant odors removal?

DEODORY technology allows to remove bad odours from flues and/or from malodorous gas extraction plants.

Odour control: how does it work?

In order to achieve an effective abatement of the malodorous molecules it’s necessary to act quickly and to treat the entire gaseous phase.


The deodorizing products are injected into the malodorous gases suction systems or in the flues in the form of a very fine aerosol, using appropriate nozzles. The double dispersion nozzles technique permit to create an optimal vaporization and an ideal dispersion of the drops in the airflow.

The diluted product supply to the nozzle is carried out by a special dosing control unit. It allows the adjustment of both the nozzle flow rate and the degree of atomization by the air pressure control. The deodorizing product to achieve the most effective / efficient, needs an adequate contact time with the pollutant. Solutions are studied for every need, with innovative products with proven efficiency.

Double dispersion nozzle

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Strenghts of the DEODORY system


  • presents low investment and management costs;
  • is easy to install;
  • presents high odour removal efficiency;
  • doesn’t produce any residue to be disposed of;
  • shows high operational flexibility.

Deodory system: maintenance service

Tecnosida® is a perfect partner for planning and execution of ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services required to :

  • Verify deodory proper functioning
  • Keep high filtration efficiency
  • Reduce economic and energetic wastes
  • Comply with safety and environmental rules and regulations

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