Fumes and dust filtration in biomass combustion

PWS wet technology application

Energy and technology management:

The customer is a leader in energy and technology management services for the public sector (health, central and local public administration, education institutions) and private sector (residential, tertiary, industry). It operates both on existing structures and on major new projects, always guaranteeing the highest possible savings, thanks also to a division dedicated to renewable energy.

Biomass boiler fumes:

In order to achieve energy savings and reduce environmental impact, the final customer instructed our customer to dimension, design and install two different virgin wood chips fired plants with P25 chips size and <35% humidity. With the aim of having a flexible system with cutting edge automation, efficiency and emissions, the company chose:

  1. For the 1st plant, 2 ETA HACK-133 kW generators in parallel
  2. For the 2nd plant, 1 VIESSMANN Pyrtec 530 kW generator
  • For the two ETA HACK boilers, Tecnosida® proposed to use a single PWS®250 BIOMASS high efficiency scrubber, already tested successfully on numerous wood and wood chip burning boilers. One aspect worth mentioning is the complexity due to the need to treat a flow generated by two modulating boilers, with very variable loads that depend on the output heat request. To avoid affecting the operation of the boilers that interact with the PWS® at different load levels, an aeraulic stabiliser was applied to manage fume extraction.
  • For the VIESSMANN boiler, Tecnosida® proposed the PWS®300 BIOMASS reduction with characteristics equal to those of the previous installation, but with a different automated rotary belt filtering system for recovery of the unburnt by-products and their subsequent automatic discharge into a container for easy transport and disposal.
PWS for fumes

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In these cases, adopting a PWS® BIOMASS wet scrubber allows the dust in the biomass boiler fumes to be reduced considerably as well as reducing the odours and other pollutants present in the emissions.

Wet scrubber:

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