Dust collection system

Application: foamed panels production process

Foamed panels production:

Our Customer is an important group, with five production plants distributed throughout Europe and which manufactures foamed panels for walls and roofs in the building sector. The production plants are characterised by highly automated processes.

The entire production process is schematically represented as follows:


  • Pre-heating phase: this occurs in furnaces that maintain the metal sheets at constant temperature;
  • Stages of panel foaming, distinguished in:
    • Corona discharge treatment for materials coupling;
    • Material expansion treatments using pentane;
  • Heating phase with double belt system;
  • Panels cutting phase.

In all these operations there are different critical points, treated using our specific plants.

Design of dedicated systems:

After an inspection of the production line, Tecnosida® proposes the design of systems dedicated to each phase.

  • Preheating zone:

Design of pre-heating systems, which are optimally sized in order to ensure a proper heat transfer along the entire line, through the insertion of a centrifugal aspirator and an electric battery for temperature control.

  • Panel foaming area:

Corona discharge treatment

A comprehensive system of pipes and fan for the suction of the ozone produced by this particular treatment is provided.

Pentane pump suction

A cab is created on the pentane injection pump, from which the noxious fumes are sucked via connections to the pipe.

Electric battery for temperature control
Aspiration system
  • Double belt heating unit

The double belt (or laminator) is the heart of the system; it is precisely here that the panel is formed. It is the most delicate point, where the temperature must be maintained constant.

  • Panels cutting system

As regards panels cutting, we deal with the critical issue of dust emissions in the atmosphere.

Tecnosida® has designed a line of pipes and hoods that can collect the steel and polyurethane residues created during the cutting process.

  • Dust treatment

All captured process air is expelled into the atmosphere, after a dust removal treatment carried out by a Dustdown® filter.