Wet scrubber for VOCs abatement

application in chemical industry

The customer:

The customer is a leading manufacturer of chemicals such as fluorine, barium and strontium for various applications in the energy, electronics, agrochemical and food sectors. The company is certified and applies management systems that comply with the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

The problem:

The problem that the company presented to Tecnosida® was the need to significantly reduce the VOCs produced during the manufacture of sodium bicarbonate.


The company also need to reduce dust concentrations.

The solution:

Following an adequate inspection and sizing, Tecnosida® proposed to use a vertical wet scrubber system which, when used with the appropriate reagents, would be able to drastically reduce the concentrations of many types of molecules present in the emissions to be treated.

The pollutant absorption may be purely physical, in which case the substance dissolves in the scrubbing liquid, or chemical, when the substance reacts chemically with the liquid or with appropriate reagents dissolved in it.

On specific request, Tecnosida® designed, built and delivered the finished product, providing the installation layout together with the pre-assembled unit, ready to be installed by the customer.

On-site technical support was also provided, as well as constant telephone support during installation.

vertical wet scrubber

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