Recycling and dedusting system

Applied in metal scraps recovery

The customer:

The customer is a company that is part of a group with more than 70 years of experience in producing lead, copper, zinc, brass and aluminium fibres and wool. These materials are used in the automotive industry, for example, for manufacturing brake pads, as well as in other sectors such as building.

The customer is a company certified in several nations and is sensitive to environmental issues as well as those of its customers.


Our customer issue:

Tecnosida® was contacted to design a system that would allow the production scrap, (which is continuously present on the work surfaces), to be recovered AUTOMATICALLY. In fact, manual recovery is inefficient as it forces the operator to stop in order to clean manually. Moreover, recovering the trimmings is difficult due to their geometry.

The proposed solution:

After an adequate inspection, Tecnosida® designed a solution that ensure that the trimmings are eliminated quickly from the work surface and, at the same time, allows all the residues to be recovered.

This solution is based on:

  1. A pneumatic conveyor system that carries the trimmings to a collection point;
  2. The use of dedicated exhaust hoods located at the end of the work surface;
  3. The installation of a cyclonic separator, provided with a special unloading system, allowing the material to be collected on a conveyor belt going directly to the recovery mill.

Tecnosida® plant is suitable for satisfying the needs of the customer.

pneumatic conveyor system and hood

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