ATEX cartridge dedusting filter

for welding line

The customer:

The customer is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment and systems for air conditioning and heating plants that has been present on the market for a long time. The customer pays particular attention to technological innovation and environmental care.

The problem:

Tecnosida® was contacted to handle a problem with fume emissions from welding metals (aluminium) in various operating stations (7-8 positions).


The customer also requested the introduction of some ATEX safety equipment. 

The proposed solution: 

Tecnosida® accepted the request and carried out a first technical inspection, with the aim of highlighting the critical points and areas to be protected from the risk of explosion.

The treated product (aluminium) generates highly explosive fumes. The proposed solution hinged on three points:

  1. Dedicated design of local collection points at the various welding stations.
  2. Fume filtration with cartridge filters equipped with a special valve exhaust system
  3. Introduction of suitable ATEX equipment in the design.
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