Odor control

in sludge dewatering processes

The customer:

The customer is a public body that manages the integrated water services at a provincial level for a large part of the Lombardy region. 

The problem:

The problem is as simple as it is tiresome: the emission of unpleasant odours from wastewater treatment and sludge dewatering. The described problem occurs at a wastewater treatment plant located in the province of Monza and Brianza.


The customer requested Tecnosida® for a rapid and economical solution to reduce the problems encountered and prevent the significant number of complaints coming from the urban areas around the plant.

The proposed solution:

The proposed solution was based on the specific requirements and has proven to be effective in the field. To effectively reduce the foul-smelling compounds, it was necessary to intervene in the gaseous phase. Considering the limited budget, the technique proposed was the only possible one, which consisted of spraying products designed to disintegrate the odorous molecules and/or to cover the remaining scent.

DEODORY is a custom nebuliser with dual dispersion nozzles, which has proved to be very effective in these applications. It is applied to the stack outlet and/or the extraction system and nebulizes selected deodorant products, injecting them in the form of a very fine aerosol. The perfect dispersion of micro-droplets in the gas flow requires the use of an air nozzle with a high degree of nebulisation. The nozzle is supplied with the diluted product by a special dosing controller that regulated both the nozzle flow rate and the degree of nebulisation.

deodorization system

DEODORY is manufactured using only special steel materials to minimise the maintenance required.


  • Reduced investment and management costs;
  • Ease of installation - high management flexibility;
  • No residues to be disposed of.

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